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Gridlisting Comp Plan:

3 x 4 Forced Matrix

Fast Start Bonus:

Matrix payouts:

Check match payouts:

How It Works

You may earn as an affiliate, and share in team building efforts with your own personal 3x4 forced matrix.

To get an idea how this works, see the chart below. Each sponsor may refer only 3 wide, the rest become spillover, benefiting you and your entire team down 4 levels.

You have 3 under you - and those 3 each have 3 under them, and so on, so it multiplies x3 down 4 levels...

 3x4 Levels Explained
3 on your 1st level
9 on your 2nd level
27 on your 3rd level
81 on your 4th level

Affiliates may earn as follows:

All 120 spots in your personal 3x4 pay you a $2/mo commission
(per member, per level - $240/mo total on a filled matrix)

You may also earn a 100% matching bonus on 4 generations (you make what they make in the matrix)

2 personal referrals open level 1 check match.
3 personal referrals open level 2 check match.
4 personal referrals open up level 3 check match.
5 personal referrals open up level 4 check match.

Check matching bonuses are NOT retroactive. You earn matching bonuses only after you are qualified to receive them, on all subsequent new sales and renewals.

You also earn $25 "fast start" bonuses for first time direct referrals (everyone you personally bring in),
then $10/mo ongoing for direct referrals (everyone you personally bring in).

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