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Empowering your business through effective advertising.

Team Collaboration

Meet The CEO:

Jamie Lambert
My name is Jamie Lambert. I have owned my own businesses since I was 18 and I am now 51, so practically my entire adult life. I have two daughters and two grandchildren that keep me striving to be the best I can daily.

I have seen great success and great failure which has taught me a lot. In 2010 my greatest success came wrapped up in the supplement industry where we built and maintained some of the biggest brands in the country.

It was the persistent challenge of effective advertising that sparked my vision for GridListing. We've all faced it—the daunting task of broadcasting our passion to the world.

The Vision

GridListing aims to overcome traditional advertising challenges, offering a cost-effective, easy-to-use platform where businesses
are not only seen but can also thrive financially by sharing this opportunity with others.

While setting this up, we knew we would have hurdles to overcome that were common in this industry. What we landed on,
we feel like, is something that can realistically generate not only customers for your business but also income for your family.

So, take a look around and if you need help with anything just let us know.

Let me introduce you to our company called...!

Did you know that the global advertising marketing industry is estimated at $766 billion and is expected to hit $1 trillion by the next year. What if you had the opportunity to cash in on this multi billion dollar industry? is an online advertising company that hosts ads for various categories, such as services, business opportunities, items for sale, etc.. Advertisers can showcase their business or items and viewers can browse and respond.

As an advertiser you can also signup as a GridListing affiliate and get paid to sell advertising, when you share this opportunity with others.

Innovative Advertising

Global Reach

Contact us: is part of Grid Companies LLC, based in South Carolina. Find us at 8171 Ocean Hwy Unit B, Pawleys Island, SC 29585 or reach out via email at or call us at 803-832-2532. Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm EST.

For support, please use our contact form for efficient tracking and response times.

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